Synergy Map

synergy map

Understanding goals and creating synergies

Goals play a central role in both our thinking and actions. They allow us to set priorities and focus on the essential. Under the pressure of daily business, we do not always succeed to intelligently link different targets, and thus kill two birds with one stone.

Through sketching our goals, it becomes easier to combine goals and subsequently discover synergies. We get a deeper understanding about what we really want, and what we actually do when we work with our objectives and relate them through sketches. The Synergy Map method is thus used to analyze and improve your own target allocation through sketching of target priorities, due dates, effort needed and dependencies. The method can be used by both by individuals as well as groups and organizations to clarify objectives and identify possible synergies.

The Synergy Map is a sketching template which takes about an hour to complete.

The result of the exercise is a systematically documented analysis of your own short-, medium-, and long-term personal goals. By applying this technique, you can sketch goals, the sequence of operations and their dependencies and thus allow the discovery of new relationships (target synergies or conflicts).