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Seminars for visual problem solving

Taking advantage of the many benefits of sketches sometimes seems difficult because managers, consultants, trainers or sales professionals are not familiar with the basic forms and techniques of handwritten sketches. We have addressed the need to become familiar with the technique of sketching and designed the seminar "Visual Problem Solving and Collaboration". It is designed to provide support and inspiration to speak, coordinate and lead in a group context using hand-drawn diagrams and metaphors.

About the seminars

The skills you acquire in this seminar will help you to do this:

Structure of the seminars

The seminars usually last a whole day (7 hours of work/classroom instruction). The following topics are covered:

About the advantages of sketching in everyday business life

It is certainly the many advantages of hand-drawn sketches over static presentations that make it interesting for managers to learn more about this technique. In the seminar the advantages are discussed and demonstrated with examples and small experiments. On the one hand this is generally used for sketches, but on the other hand also specifically as a method to improve cooperation in management teams.

Develop your own sketch template

Last but not least, a sketch must also correspond to the personal style, the drawing arts, the corporate context and the corporate culture. For this reason, participants are guided through the sketching process and learn how to create a sketch template.

Developing your own sketching skills

Sketching is simple, but not banal. There are a few rules to follow and a few stumbling blocks to avoid in order to maximize the impact of sketches in everyday business. This part of the seminar is about improving the sketching skills of the participants by simulating meeting constellations as close to reality as possible and trying out the different sketching methods 1:1. This allows each participant to judge for himself which methods are best suited for him personally.

Become a sketching professional

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