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Sketching at Work presents more than 40 amazingly simple, but all the more authentic and effective tools for moderation, presentation and problem solving in the business world. The ad-hoc diagrams and visual metaphors collected here can be used both alone and in groups. They are just as suitable for flipcharts as for notepads, tablet PCs or interactive whiteboards.

Why the book is an indispensable toolbox

The tools are invaluable when it comes to clarifying questions and problems, moderating discussions or structuring information. They also enable the simple presentation of complex interrelationships that are characteristic of strategic planning and analysis tasks. The visualization tools presented here are flexible, very effective and give your presentations an unmistakable personal style. The approximately 40 templates are provided with step-by-step instructions and can therefore be used immediately in practice.

Simple tools for pictorial understanding – image. nothing provides faster access than an

The tools include SWOT analysis, mindmap, scenario chart, flow chart, social network analysis, stakeholder map, synergy map, decision tree, risk map, strategy canvas and much more. The useful and original book is rounded off by background information on the correct use of the individual tools, a vivid collection of examples and tips and hints on practicing and perfecting your own sketching skills.

Learn today to convince with sketches

With this book we want to address all those who want to use visualization for their work. Try it out and experience how your thoughts come alive with a few simple strokes.